We are a different kettle of fish to most training providers:

We get to know people and build a strong rapport before we get down to business and into content.

We believe in relationships of equivalence and so we get clear about responsibilities for learning and success. We believe it’s 50/50 all the way.

We listen out for mindsets, understand them and challenge where necessary.

We observe, match and lead behavioural preferences.

We model the content we are delivering.

We use NLP and accelerated learning techniques.

We are purposeful and playful in our delivery style and the environment that we create.

We create highly interactive workshops with multiple opportunities for learners to ‘have a go’ with the theory and put it into practice.

We create a unique learning environment that is stimulating, immersing learners in stories, practical activities and powerful visuals in order to cement key learning points, inspire ideas and motivate learners to take action.

“I’m always ready to learn, 

although I don’t always like being taught”

Winston Churchill

Our Philosophy…or as we like to call it our Fishology!

​We believe in ‘paying it forward’. We have been privileged to learn from and work with some truly inspirational people over the years. The very nature of our roles means that we have the opportunity to pass on to others the knowledge and skills that have been passed onto us. This has made a positive difference to our work and personal lives so our aim is to motivate all our clients to ‘pay it forward’ too.

Our Purpose

    To make a big splash with everyone we work with – understanding, supporting and challenging our clients and exceeding their expectations every time.

    To really connect and affect everyone we engage with in a positive way – building strong rapport, trust and respect in order to bring about change. 

    To stand out from the rest by creating memorable, meaningful and transformational learning experiences that in turn deliver a return on investment.

Our Values and Behaviours

Purposeful and playful

We are focused on getting down to business, achieving results and believe work should feel like play. We know that humour motivates and relaxes us as it reduces anxiety, stress and fear and so increases attention and memory, which therefore aids learning.

We take our work very seriously but not ourselves and we prefer to leave our egos at the door.

Meaningful conversations

Whether training, coaching or mentoring we create time for people to have meaningful conversations with us and each other. Our workshops are highly practical with lots of opportunity to discuss and tackle real challenges that people are facing in the workplace.

Listening is important to us and what we do, we are experts at it, because we give a damn about what we do, the people we work with and the results we achieve. Our purpose is to make a positive difference to individuals, teams and businesses.


We are a different kettle of fish from other training providers. We won’t kill you with death by powerpoint and recognise that it takes something out of the ordinary to capture peoples imagination and attention so they are in the right frame of mind to learn. Our imaginative and original approach to creating a multi sensory environment to hold attention and cement learning is an integral element to what we provide. We constantly refresh our approach and look for new and innovative ways of doing things. Our clients often come back for a second helping because once they’ve had a taste of what we can do for them they have an appetite for more.


We don’t just look at what’s going on at the surface – we go deeper! As well as working with individuals, teams and businesses on developing their knowledge and skills we also work with purpose, identity, values, beliefs, mindsets and behaviours. 

We are hooked on learning – hungry to learn new stuff about ourselves, our clients and the world around us.


We are authentic, sincere and genuine. We say how we feel and we do what we say. Our natural strengths are utilised to get results and we also know when and how to adapt to specific situations.

However we would certainly not claim to be perfect, after all we’re not robots, we’re only human and humans sometimes make mistakes. Striking a balance between confidence and humility is important to us. We believe you can learn great things from your mistakes, when you aren’t busy denying them.


Our role is to stimulate change. Driven by new ideas, we are excited by opportunity and potential. Our belief in positive psychology means we have a positive attitude, as well as having a realistic view point. It is important that our style, energy and focus is constantly changing in order to achieve the goals of our client’s.  We combine supporting and challenging behaviours in order to get the best out of the people we work with, whilst staying true to who we are.


We work closely with our clients throughout projects. We get under the skin of what’s being asked of us in the investigation stage. We get clear about what the solution looks like, sharing ideas and providing feedback throughout the project. Relationships are important to us and we work hard to build rapport, trust and respect.

Whether we are coaching, mentoring, training or talking to our key stakeholders we believe in relationships of equivalence. Our mindset is that it’s 50/50 accountability and responsibility every step of the way.


We flippin’ love what we do and have bags of energy and enthusiasm … but also know when it needs to be turned down.


We like to keep things simple with the models we use and the way we deliver them. This allows us not to get bogged down in heavy, complicated theory and say it how it is, rather than using a recycled list of hollow business superlatives. This approach makes us easy to do business with.