“You get the best effort from others, not by lighting a fire beneath them...

but by building a fire within"

Bob Nelson            

Working closely and collaboratively with our clients is important to us and we value the relationships we have with them. Whether coaching, mentoring, training or simply talking to our key stakeholders we believe in relationships of equivalence. Our mindset is that it is 50/50 accountability and responsibility every step of the way.

Ultimately our aim is to make a positive difference to our clients both personally and professionally, to deliver results and to add value by delivering a return on investment.

Many of our clients have continued to work with us over many years and we consider this both a pleasure and a privilege to have had the opportunity to see them and their businesses develop and grow as a result of the work we do with them.

We involved some our long term clients in the creation of our company Values and Behaviours by asking them how they experience us and what they value about us compared to other training providers. Integrity is important to us and by involving our clients in this process we ensured that we are maintaining our integrity and truly living our brand.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a read through some of our testimonials.

Client Testimonials

Over the last 35 years, I’ve met many suppliers !!!!

The Mindfish team have surpassed our objectives – great people, great content and great learning experiences. Any company will, without doubt, benefit from their experiences.

All of our participants have found their programmes hugely rewarding – both intellectually and emotionally. They have an exceptional ability to quickly build rapport so that, within a few minutes of meeting the participants, they understood their behavioural patterns and have inspired them to make personal changes that would benefit both themselves and our business. Their style is energetic and highly interactive, without a PowerPoint slide in sight. They take our participants on a “journey” in a variety of settings – but having lots of fun along the way and without the sense of being lectured to.

Pam – Senior Development Consultant

Scottish Power Group

In my 18 year career the training sessions curated, constructed and delivered by Mel Pyke and her team are without doubt the best I have seen.

Their ability to really scrutinise what the brief is and what we are looking to get from the sessions is pivotal in their success. They have the ability to move from slick professionals to reliable best friend mode dependent on the situation.

The style of training is fun, challenging and innovative and is always working to the goal set by the client. The results from the sessions have immediate affects and continue to deliver for the following months.

I would highly recommend the Mindfish team.

Gavin – VP of Sales

Digital Media Organisation

Workshop Feedback

“The stories on the walls really intrigued me and pulled me in. I think this method of learning is really powerful.”

“Very challenging and real food for thought. Real techniques that I can use in the work place.”

“Relevant insight that helped me deal with an immediate problem I was facing.”

“Delivered with passion, enthusiasm and with the sense you really cared about us.”

“Deep, engaging, thought provoking, tailored to every individual, confidence boosting, the best and
most useful course I’ve ever been on!”

“Really liked your energy. The pace was engaging and the day went really fast!”

“Completely different in a positive way. We were given tools before we were taken out of our comfort zone.”